The original idea was sparked by the coming together of two separate strands of thought:

  1. The marriage of football and opera occurred most famously during the Soccer world cup held in Italy in 1990. Using a sporting field to describe the biosphere, Angus started showing an ancient game of football without any rules versus modern football where the rules are clear and universal, in order to illustrate the difference between humanity running a biosphere badly and well. He set modern clips of sport to the Nessun Dorma aria from the opera Turandot, sung by the legendary Pavarotti.
  2. Then we were reminded of the brilliant address by the American ecologist Paul Hawken given at the University of Maryland in 2009. The relevant quote is:

"Inspiration is not garnered from the litanies of what may befall us; it resides in humanity's willingness to restore, redress, reform, rebuild, recover, re-imagine and reconsider.  One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice. The generations before you failed. They didn't stay up all night. They got distracted and lost sight of the fact that life is a miracle every moment of your existence. Nature beckons you to be on her side. You couldn't ask for a better boss."

The coming together of these two concepts meant we had to use the phrase Nessun Dorma. It just had to be, nothing else would do.

Nessun Dorma reminds us both of the urgency with which we must act in order to remove existential risk from the denigration of the biosphere, the fact that we must uphold our transcendent moral obligation to all life and we must be able to plan for the ultra long term.  For this we believe we need an authority committed to the task, given a global mandate by the people of the world and designed to ensure the right outcome.  AND...

Nessun Dorma  reminds us of the ultra long time scale that we need to consider in our planning.  Being effectively Latin it is part of an ancient language used 2000 years ago. We believe that after 250 years of the Anthropocene that we need to put in an authority capable of making decisions that will ensure a healthy biosphere in 1000 years time. So the use of the phrase gives us a reminder of the time scale we must consider and the responsibility we shoulder and that we must get it right, we must win. 

The Latin phrase Cummues omnum naturali jure  which means common to all humankind and was the Roman dictum used when referring to the seas. It is pertinent but it is not for us.

We like that Nessun Dorma is not a modern advertising catchphrase. Global governance is serious business. Building a campaign to hold the first global on line vote to put in place the first piece of global governance is ambitious, necessary and urgent. Nessun Dorma.