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I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your amazing, eye opener of a speech. It was the most potent talk on the why and what of regulating the direction of the biosphere I have heard.

Dr Vasuki Siva


That was an extraordinary talk in the North Wall yesterday evening – quite magnificent in its scope and remarkable in its ambition.

Stephen Jones    Warden     St. Edward’s Oxford.

Thank you Angus for a truly inspirational talk. The kids, staff & I were all blown away by it. Powerful content delivered with so much passion can only have a huge impact on your audiences. I wish you well with your future #nessundorma project! Again, from the pupils, staff & myself, thank you – you made our day.

Matthew Fox – Deputy Head, Colmers High School

Angus Forbes is a force of nature, it’s hard to ignore such a compelling argument so cogently put.

Mike Newsom-Davis

Angus is one of those very rare birds who has come up with a powerful idea. I went to see his presentation a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I have not seen a more important, mind-blowing and spellbinding presentation since I saw Nelson Mandela talk in 1987.

Chris Darwin

The talk Nessun Dorma was absolutely superb. Angus was engaging, challenging and inspiring. Our young people were very interested… afterwards one Year 12 students said the information had “blown his mind” and another said “it was a daunting but exciting challenge”.

Mark O’Rourke   Bishop Walsh School


Extremely insightful. We all need to pay attention and stop burying our heads in the sand.

Helen Masters

Angus has developed innovative, thought provoking content that is both entertaining and an impactful call for action.

Rupesh Madlani

Angus’ talk on the degradation of the environment was an enlightening and compelling one, delivered with passion and integrity.  The talk kept Year 10 interested for the full 25 minute assembly, including the back row!  Global biophysical governance is a particularly ambitious aim of his and one that he convinced us to heed and engage in.

Chris O’Connell – KS4 Head of Year, Tiffin School

Your insights and advice have been really well received by those in attendance and will make a significant difference to their futures. I wanted to share that with you so that you know what a positive impact your talk has had.

Adam Smith – Deputy Head, North Bromsgrove High School

I wanted to be a part of Nessun Dorma from the moment I spoke to Angus. It is not only a world changing idea, but an essential one. I’m relatively young, and I would love to leave the planet healthier then I found it, and I believe a Global Planet Authority is the only realistic way to do that.

Kate O’Neill

           It is quarter to midnight on salvaging the biosphere – Nessun dorma is a call to action NOW!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Alexander Zarifeh Arthur Terry school

         Angus Forbes is an outstanding Speaker on the perils of ( non) Governance of our Biosphere. The intricacies and implications of adverse environmental impact were                          made accessible to pupils from Years 9 to 13. This is a fast paced, visually astonishing, evidence based Talk , set to a brilliant soundtrack – and asking the real questions about      the future of our world for which we all need to take responsibility.                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Finola Picknett    St. Edward’s school, Oxford