How Is The Talk Structured?

The talk is given in two parts:

The Anthropocene 1750 - 2050 sets out our recent history of  economic and population growth and corresponding environmental degradation and the forecasts to 2050. It argues that our insufficient response to biophysical degradation is consistent with our lack of a governance structure capable of running a biosphere.

Global Planet Authority looks at the possible structure, funding and actions the GPA would take in order to put humanity back within biophysical boundaries. It argues that we can put in place such an authority using our ability to hold a voluntary global online referendum and that we need no one's permission to do so.

How Long Is The Talk?

It has a normal duration of 65-70 minutes but can be tailored to a shorter duration of 30 minutes, especially useful if giving the talk to school students.

Who Gives The Talk?

The talk will be given by Angus or one of his team. Every Nessun Dorma speaker is fully trained to give the talk in its entirety, and is passionate about the subject and spreading it to audiences. Therefore you can expect to be inspired and engaged no matter who you book.

Can I Give The Talk?

Yes you can! We are always looking for more people to give the talk. Contact us by pressing the button below or by finding "Contact Us" in the menu at the top of the page.

How much does it cost?

Nessun Dorma is free.
This idea is for all humanity and our future, and therefore everyone has the right to see it.

I'd like to see Angus Forbes' CV.

Angus Forbes B.Ec(hons)  MBA. 

The son of an Australian diplomat, Angus grew up in Hong Kong, Hamburg, Port Moresby, Belgrade and Auckland. After university he worked in the City (London) for 20 years, at stockbrokers James Capel and Merrill Lynch and subsequently at the hedge fund  GLG Partners. There he ran the Global consumer sector equity long short fund. Leaving the City in 2007, Angus started working for himself as an investor and mentor in consumer start ups. Currently he is involved in six small companies, whose activities include Mexican food, surf wear, Vietnamese food, vegan food, dance fitness and a wedding reception venue. He also works with his wife Darcey Bussell CBE on her business and philanthropic interests. With a passion for the environment Angus founded Bankers without Boundaries (bwbuk.org) in 2014 and is an advocate for global governance of the biosphere, on which he gives a talk (nessundorma.global).