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Share #nessundorma when you see or read of evidence of the denigration of the biosphere. Please don’t opine, just state facts followed by #nessundorma

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We’ve been asked over and over: Give me a plan of the vote.

People say :  "OK guys, I get it, I’m in.  I want to vote for a Global Planet Authority. I would vote when the day comes. Our environmentalists, ecologists, biologists and scientists are telling us very clearly that we need radical change in the way we care for the planet. I agree with this idea of a dedicated authority that is built fit for purpose, so I get why and what we need to have in place.  

I also agree we could be 80% of the way there due to the recognition of the problem and a connected quorum.  I also understand that we need no-one’s permission to act as we are allocating a part of our personal sovereignty. Despite the challenges of nation states accepting a higher supranational authority, we need radical change and what the heck, let's go for it.

But how do we actually go about constructing and holding this vote? '

Our pathway has to include several waypoints as we build to a voluntary vote of 1.5bn people.  
So we think we should break it down to three steps each with a multiplier of 10.

So let's aim for the first step : 15m people indicate that they would vote by hashtagging nessundorma.
15m is less than 1% of the Global Generation (13-30 yr olds number 2 bn).

If you decide you would vote when the vote is offered to you, then indicate your willingness by signing up on the contact page or posting #nessundorma on social media.

Then we move onto the second step of 150m people.

"The generations before you failed. They didn't stay up all night."

Paul Hawken, 2009