Nessun Dorma

We need no one’s permission to vote into existence an authority to run the biosphere

It is time to create an authority charged with the mandate of protecting and enhancing the biosphere, the removal of existential risk that we face, shouldering the responsibility of our transcendent moral obligation to all life and the subsequent creation of a maintenance system for the ultra long term. For this we believe we need an authority committed to the task, given a global mandate by the people of the world and designed to ensure the right outcome.

The Nessun Dorma movement is the proposal of this simple idea. The idea that after 250 years of the destructive Anthropocene, a separate authority needs to be set up to protect and enhance the natural assets of our incredible planet.

We now run a biosphere. We have joined mother nature in the driving seat. The first species ever to do so and we are doing a terrible job because we are not properly organised. We will keep failing because we have no dedicated leadership, no global rules and no power to enforce. The three friends of failure when it comes to human organisational form. To our powerful and growing human population and its economy there are simply no biophysical boundaries we have to adhere to.

We have to create an authority that is fit for purpose, designed specifically to do the job of running a biosphere.

An authority designed to ensure there is a healthy biosphere in place in 1000 years, that is bio-abundant (lots of biodiversity: plants, animals and insects), has healthy oceans, enough topsoil, the right amount of CO2 in the troposphere, a healthy ozone and growing rainforests.

An authority that is dedicated to providing this vital function of utility. And like any utility it must have (in this case, global) regulatory powers and taxation powers sufficient to fulfil the mandate that we give it.

Human activities have gone global, our capitalism and consumerism are global, our population growth is global, our denigration of the biosphere is global and we are becoming stronger in our destructive power every day. We are ALL guilty and ALL at risk.

In choosing to bring a Global Planet Authority into existence we are saving ourselves from ourselves. We will be putting in the robust global biophysical boundaries that are necessary for our survival and to uphold our transcendent moral obligation to all life.

Fortunately, we are 80% of the way there.

The two necessary pre-conditional elements to radical change are now in place: recognition of the problem and a connected quorum. Our young people aged 13-30 years are now 27.5% of the world’s human population, they are hyper-connected and are the first global generation. To them, they are a global generation that has a global problem that needs a global solution.

Now it is time to take the last step. It is time to hold the first global on line vote to put in place the first piece of global governance, a utility that can act rapidly and powerfully to protect the biosphere. WE NEED NO ONE’S PERMISSION to put it in place, we can just vote it into existence and we should not sleep until we have.

Nessun dorma.

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  • Angus is one of those very rare birds who has come up with a powerful idea. I went to see his presentation a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I have not seen a more important, mind-blowing and spellbinding presentation since I saw Nelson Mandela talk in 1987.

    Chris Darwin
  • Angus has developed innovative, thought provoking content that is both entertaining and an impactful call for action.

    Rupesh Madlani
  • Extremely insightful. We all need to pay attention and stop burying our heads in the sand.

    Helen Masters
  • Your insights and advice have been really well received by those in attendance and will make a significant difference to their futures. I wanted to share that with you so that you know what a positive impact your talk has had.

    Adam Smith – Deputy Head, North Bromsgrove High School
  • Angus’ talk on the degradation of the environment was an enlightening and compelling one, delivered with passion and integrity.  The talk kept Year 10 interested for the full 25 minute assembly, including the back row!  Global biophysical governance is a particularly ambitious aim of his and one that he convinced us to heed and engage in.

    Chris O’Connell – KS4 Head of Year, Tiffin School
  • I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your amazing, eye opener of a speech. It was the most potent talk on the why and what of regulating the direction of the biosphere I have heard.

    Dr Vasuki Siva
  • Thank you Angus for a truly inspirational talk. The kids, staff & I were all blown away by it. Powerful content delivered with so much passion can only have a huge impact on your audiences. I wish you well with your future #nessundorma project! Again, from the pupils, staff & myself, thank you – you made our day.

    Matthew Fox – Deputy Head, Colmers High School
  • Angus Forbes is a force of nature, it’s hard to ignore such a compelling argument so cogently put.

    Mike Newsom-Davis

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